Petroleum refining

Petroleum refining

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Panjin Dew-point Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd.

Add: Chemical Industry Park, Panjin high tech Industrial Park, Liaoning Province

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Website: www.dpcatalyst.com

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Petroleum refining

Panjin DEW-POINT Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd. provides catalyst processing business for European and American enterprises for a long time; at the same time, its products have been used by many domestic users for a long time.

The use of excellent catalytic cracking additives can facilitate the refinery to optimize the operation of the unit, improve product quality, and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Panjin DEW-POINT Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of a variety of high-quality catalytic cracking additives and provide related technical services. The company has achieved significant results in the emission of catalytic cracking flue gas (SOx, NOx and CO), anti-heavy metal pollution, and optimization of product yield.

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