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Advantages of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Refinery Off Gas Purification Catalyst
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2021/12/20 15:07
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1. Improve desulfurization efficiency
With Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst, no equipment expansion is required. It can improve the gas-liquid mass transfer rate of sulfur dioxide, strengthen the absorption of sulfur dioxide and improve the desulfurization rate. At the gas-liquid interface, the catalyst can combine a large number of H+ ions generated by the dissolution of SO2, so that the H+ ions are transferred from the liquid film to the liquid phase body, and the pH of the slurry will not drop too fast due to the dissolution of SO2. At the same time, the gas phase resistance is reduced, promoting SO2 absorb.

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

2. Energy saving and consumption reduction
On the premise that the concentration of sulfur dioxide at the inlet of the desulfurization unit is within the design value range, first, part of the slurry circulating pump of the absorption tower can be shut down, which can relatively reduce the liquid-gas ratio required by the system and reduce the power consumption rate of the desulfurization system, thereby effectively reducing the desulfurization operation cost. Second, it can save the energy consumption of the ball mill in the pulping system, effectively improve the utilization rate of coarse-grained limestone (250 mesh), and basically achieve the same desulfurization efficiency as (325 mesh) particle size limestone.

3. Reduce the amount of limestone
Use Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst to improve the utilization rate of desulfurizer and reduce its dosage. Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst can improve the solubility of limestone in the liquid phase and strengthen the dissolution of limestone. At the solid-liquid interface, Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst can provide an acidic environment conducive to the dissolution of CaCO3, reduce the liquid phase resistance, and promote the dissolution of limestone.

4. Improve the flexibility of coal-fired adjustment and desulfurization operation and backup
Since the solubility of SO2 and the dissolution of solid CaCO3 are both limited, the addition of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst provides basic groups and enhances the mass transfer factor of the liquid membrane, which can not only promote the dissolution of CaCO3 and increase its dissociation rate, reduce The liquid phase resistance is improved, and the pH of the slurry will not drop too quickly due to the dissolution of SO2. When using Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst, the desulfurization system can operate at a lower pH value, which increases the flexibility of the host coal combustion adjustment and the desulfurization system operation. and stability.

5. Increase the dispersibility of limestone and reduce the fouling of equipment
The active ingredients in the catalyst can improve the surface activity of limestone, increase the dispersibility of limestone, reduce its sedimentation speed, and reduce the fouling and blockage of equipment.

6. Improve oxidation efficiency, reduce sulfite content, and improve dehydration efficiency of vacuum belt conveyor
Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst can reduce the surface tension of limestone slurry, reduce the critical nuclei radius, strengthen the oxidation of HSO3-, make CaSO4 and CaSO3 easy to precipitate gypsum, and CaSO4 in an unsaturated state, which hinders the formation of chemical hard scale. Ensuring long-term operation of the equipment prevents fouling.