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Application of NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst Carrier in Alumina

NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst
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2022/01/10 11:03
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For ten catalyst carriers, the role in the catalyst has been expanded from a single function of only dispersing active components to participating in catalytic reactions. The main functions of the carrier have been developed to:

NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst

1. Improve the strength of NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst;

2. Improve the thermal stability of NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst;

3. Improve the dispersion of active components to save the amount of active components;

4. Provide active centers. It can be seen that the influence of the carrier on the catalytic performance is increasing.

In order to develop NiMo Hydrogenation Catalyst with excellent performance, the local catalyst carrier Al2o3 has been modified and applied research.

There are many preparation methods of alumina, and its varieties and properties are different. The reaction results of different alumina catalysts prepared with the same formula can be quite different. Moreover, even though the performance of the catalyst made in the small test is very good, it is difficult to burn out the constant physical properties of the supported alumina when the catalyst is scaled up in the soil industry. Because of the removal of alumina. In addition to the stability of α-Al2o3 crystal phase, other activated alumina phases are more sensitive to temperature, which also affects the performance of the catalyst.