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Correct application strategy of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Refinery Off Gas Purification Catalyst
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2021/11/08 14:41
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Sulfur dioxide is one of the main air pollutants, with a wide distribution range, originating from the burning of coal, petroleum, and the smelting of sulfur-containing ore. As people's demand for energy and natural resources increases, SO2 pollution is becoming more and more serious. For many years, SO2 has been studied as a plant-damaging gas: on the one hand, gas-phase SO2 obviously harms plants; on the other hand, SO2 oxidizes in the air to form acid rain and returns to the ground, which has a considerable impact on natural systems. Related researchers have developed Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst. Let’s take a look at the correct use of this catalyst

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst is a white crystalline powder with no damage and no smell. It can safely and efficiently remove SO2 residues in foods, beneficially control the SO2 residues in foods, and make them meet relevant sanitary standards and increase food Quality, and will not constitute secondary pollution.

The higher the concentration of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst, the stronger its ability to remove SO2, which can reduce the residual amount of SO2 in the processed items from 1000mg/Kg to less than 20mg/Kg, or even zero. If it is a liquid product for desulfurization, the sulfur dioxide scavenger should be diluted 10-20 times with water according to the sulfur content of the product, and then slowly added to the liquid product while stirring.