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Four characteristics of Refinery Off Gas Purification

Refinery Off Gas Purification Catalyst
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2021/04/19 18:43
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Refinery Off Gas Purification is a substance that changes the reaction rate but does not change the general standard Gibbs free energy of the reaction. This effect is called catalysis, and the reaction involving Refinery Off Gas Purification is called catalytic reaction.

Best Refinery Off Gas Purification

The composition, chemical properties and quality of Refinery Off Gas Purification itself do not change before and after the reaction; its relationship with the reaction system is like the relationship between a lock and a key, with a high degree of selectivity (or specificity). A Refinery Off Gas Purification does not catalyze all chemical reactions; some chemical reactions are not the only catalyst.

The Refinery Off Gas Purification reaction has four basic characteristics, which can be derived according to the definition, which is very important for understanding the function of Refinery Off Gas Purification.

1. Refinery Off Gas Purification can only accelerate reactions that can be carried out on thermodynamics. When a new chemical reaction catalyst is required to be developed, the reaction must first be thermodynamically analyzed to see if it is a thermodynamically feasible reaction.

2. Refinery Off Gas Purification can only accelerate the reaction towards equilibrium, and cannot change the equilibrium position (equilibrium constant) of the reaction.

3. Refinery Off Gas Purification is selective to the reaction. When the reaction may have more than one different direction, the catalyst accelerates only one of them, which promotes the uniformity of the reaction rate and selectivity.

4. Life of Refinery Off Gas Purification. Refinery Off Gas Purification can change the rate of chemical reaction, it does not enter the reaction itself, and the catalyst is not changed by the reaction under ideal conditions. However, in the actual reaction process, the catalyst will undergo some unpredictable physical and chemical changes due to long-term heat and chemical action.

According to the definition and characteristic analysis of Refinery Off Gas Purification, there are three important catalyst indicators: activity, selectivity, and stability.