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Introduction to Chloride Removal Adsorbent

Chloride Removal Adsorbent
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2021/08/13 14:26
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Chloride Removal Adsorbent is often used in the process of fish farming, and is widely used in many fields such as cooling water treatment, stainless steel manufacturing and processing, light industry manufacturing, heavy industry manufacturing, and industrial water treatment. So what principles of Chloride Removal Adsorbent are used in these applications? The following is a detailed introduction to the principle of Chloride Removal Adsorbent.

Chloride Removal Adsorbent

Chloride Removal Adsorbent has certain adsorption characteristics, and the adsorption mechanism is very complicated. Adsorption includes chelation, chemical bonding, van der Waals attraction, dipole-dipole interaction and hydrogen bonding.

The adsorption of adsorbate by Chloride Removal Adsorbent actually includes the process in which adsorbate molecules collide with the surface of the adsorbent and are trapped on the surface of the adsorbent (adsorption) and the process in which adsorbate molecules trapped on the surface of the adsorbent detach from the surface of the adsorbent ( Desorption). As the number of adsorbates on the Chloride Removal Adsorbent surface increases, the desorption speed gradually increases. When the adsorption speed and the desorption speed are equivalent, and the macroscopically shows that the amount of adsorption no longer increases, the adsorption equilibrium is reached. Chloride Removal Adsorbent contains more methoxy groups, hydroxyl groups and carbon groups. These functional groups can be used as adsorption sites for various ions.

Chloride Removal Adsorbent has a strong adsorption capacity for chloride ions. It can not only adsorb chloride ions in the solution, but also adsorb chloride ions on the solid surface, greatly reducing the activity of chloride ions, thereby avoiding the corrosion of chloride ions on various metals.

The principle of Chloride Removal Adsorbent is the above introduction, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.