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The basic properties of Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst

Catalyst News
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2021/09/03 10:14
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Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst is a white powdery solid, including two basic shapes, irregular shapes and spherical shapes. It does not require any special storage conditions. It is stable under normal conditions and is stable and non-flammable.

Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst

In the laboratory, Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst can replace the liquid acid catalyst and directly add it to the reaction solution for mixing. The catalyst can be recovered only through simple filtration, and the technology also reduces the process of general alkali neutralization and water washing.

In order to prevent the crushing of catalyst particles from affecting filtration, the use of magnetic mixers is not recommended, but mechanical mixing is recommended.

In factory production, Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst is used both in the mixing-type reaction kettle and in the application of the fixed bed. The main advantage of using in a fixed bed is that this type of catalyst does not swell and deform, and its excellent physical and chemical properties are stable.