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What are the FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%)

Refinery Off Gas Purification Catalyst
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2021/11/15 16:41
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What are the FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%)? Used to replace organotin catalyst
High content FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%), less foaming, shorter service life, and post-curing effect is slightly worse than organotin. It is used in the fields of polyurethane synthetic leather, adhesives, elastomers, coatings, and polyurethane foams.

FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%)
FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%), non-EU restriction nine types of organotin, used in polyurethane synthetic leather, adhesives, coatings and other fields, activity is similar to dibutyltin dilaurate, no major changes to the formula.
FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%), a low activity promoter.
For example, the reaction temperature of stannous octoate is in the range of 60-65 degrees. Others are also at this temperature distribution. If it is organic cobalt, such as cobalt naphthenate, cobalt isooctanoate, etc., the activity is higher than that of cobalt. The salt should be high. The commonly used T9 is considered to have a relatively low temperature.