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What are the main considerations when drying CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst

CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst
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2022/01/24 11:05
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Considerations when drying CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst are:

     ①In order to make the water in the CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst released at a lower temperature, the pressure of the reaction system in the catalyst drying stage should be maintained at 1.5MPa;

CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst

     ②In the case where the compressor can reach, the gas-to-agent ratio should be as large as possible, the temperature wave in the reaction bed will advance rapidly, the temperature distribution will be uniform, and the water in the catalyst will be removed quickly.

     ③ During the heating and constant temperature stage, a special person will weigh and record the dehydration amount;

     ④ The heating rate should not be too fast, and the time in the constant temperature stage at 250°C should not be less than 6h;

     ⑤ When the bed temperature is higher than the maximum hydrogen inlet temperature given by the CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst supplier, hydrogen cannot be introduced.

     ⑥ When the high-pressure separator does not release water and the water content in the circulating gas remains unchanged, it can be considered that the drying of the CoMo Hydrogenation Catalyst is over, otherwise the constant temperature time of the catalyst can be appropriately extended.