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What are the precautions for protective environmental protection catalyzer loading

Protective environmental protection catalyzer
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2021/07/15 13:17
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The packing quality of the protective environmental protection catalyzer directly affects the bed resistance and airflow distribution, and affects the performance of the protective environmental protection catalyzer, so the packing of the protective environmental protection catalyzer is very important.

Protective environmental protection catalyzer

1. Before filling, first remove all the sundries in the furnace.

2. Before filling, determine the filling volume and height of the catalyst in each section of the shift furnace, and mark the filling height of the catalyst in the furnace.

3. Before filling, a layer of refractory balls and wire mesh should be laid on the grate, and then the Protective environmental protection catalyzer should be filled.

4. The Protective environmental protection catalyzer should be fully inspected before filling. If dust is found, it should be removed by sieve.

5. During the refilling process, gently pour into the furnace from the lowest possible height. The free fall height of the particles is less than 0.5 meters. The catalyst should be spread out and cannot be poured into a pile to avoid the tightness of each part of the bed. Affect the even distribution of airflow.

6. During the filling process, the operator is strictly forbidden to step on the catalyst to prevent the palladium catalyst from being crushed and make the bed tight. In order to avoid directly stepping on the Protective environmental protection catalyzer, a wooden board should be placed on the bed, and people should operate on the wooden board. After each layer of catalyst is installed, it is scraped flat with a wooden board and covered with a layer of wire mesh and refractory balls.

7. Protective environmental protection catalyzer is easy to absorb moisture in the air. After absorbing moisture, it will affect the activity and strength of the catalyst. Therefore, it is not advisable to load the catalyst into the furnace too early. Generally, install the furnace within one to two days before starting. After the furnace is installed, the inlet and outlet of the shift furnace are sealed to prevent other gases from entering the shift furnace to make the catalyst damp.

8. When installing Protective environmental protection catalyzer, the operator should wear work clothes and protective equipment.