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What is Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Chloride Removal Adsorbent
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2021/06/16 15:33
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Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst has surface activity, catalyzes oxidation, promotes the direct reaction of SO2, accelerates the dissolution of CaCO3, promotes the rapid oxidation of CaSO3 to CaSO4, strengthens the precipitation of CaSO4, reduces the ratio of liquid to gas, reduces the ratio of calcium to sulfur, and reduces the evaporation of water. When the flue gas inlet SO2 concentration increases and is higher than the design value, the PH value in the absorption tower reaction tank decreases, and when a larger Ca/S ratio is required, CaCO3 can quickly dissolve without the need to expand the absorption tower reaction tank volume , Increase the concentration of calcium ions, keep the PH value of the slurry in the normal range, and have a certain buffering effect on the pH value. Extend the running time of the slurry in the working section and reduce the number of slurry preparations, which can significantly reduce the scale of the equipment, and the scale layer becomes thinner. After the machine is stopped, the scale layer is easy to fall off.

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Thermal power units will emit a large amount of SO2 while burning coal to generate electricity, which will pollute the atmosphere. Using limestone slurry as Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst and gypsum as a by-product wet flue gas desulfurization technology (hereinafter referred to as FGD) is widely used in coal-fired power plants in many countries and regions around the world. It is characterized by mature technology and coal types. The adaptability is strong, the desulfurization efficiency is as high as 90% to 98%, and the by-products can be recycled.

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst is a new type of catalytic oxidation with high polymer material as the main raw material, which has undergone physical and chemical processing, intensification or physical and chemical modification, and is fully mixed with other inorganic polymer materials after being strengthened and modified by high-tech. It has stable structure and performance. Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst, whose main components are mostly polymer catalysts, have strong reactivity with SO2. Because Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst has good stability, it fully meets the requirements of the desulfurization process.