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What is Low-temperature Shift Catalyst

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2021/09/30 10:19
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Low-temperature Shift Catalyst performance indicators: ignition temperature ≤200℃, oxidation conversion efficiency ≥95%, pore density 200-400cpsi, compressive strength ≥8MPa.

Low-temperature Shift Catalyst

Low-temperature Shift Catalyst is one of the new treatment processes because of its high purification rate, low combustion temperature (generally less than 350°C), no open flame, no secondary pollutants such as NOx, and safety, energy saving and environmental protection. Characteristic, the market application has made great progress in recent years. As a key technical link of the catalytic combustion system, the synthesis technology and application rules of Low-temperature Shift Catalyst are particularly important. Focusing on the clean production technology of alcohol ether ester chemicals, focusing on green catalysts and clean preparation processes, relevant work is carried out. Continuously optimize Low-temperature Shift Catalyst and catalytic combustion system to provide technical support.

The performance of Low-temperature Shift Catalyst is related to the content, particle size and dispersion of precious metals. In an ideal state, precious metals are highly dispersed. At this time, precious metals are present on the carrier in very small particles (a few nanometers), and precious metals are utilized to the greatest extent. At this time, the processing capacity of Low-temperature Shift Catalyst is positively correlated with the content of precious metals. However, when the precious metal content is high to a certain extent, the metal particles are easy to aggregate and grow into larger particles, and the contact surface between the precious metal and VOCs decreases, and most of the precious metals are wrapped inside. At this time, increasing the precious metal content is not conducive to low-temperature Increased activity of Shift Catalyst.