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What is Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst

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2021/09/10 10:14
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An important type of catalyst in the Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst, the catalytic function is derived from the acidic sites with catalytic activity present on the solid surface, called acid centers. Most of them are oxides or mixed oxides of non-transition elements, and their catalytic performance is different from oxide catalysts containing transition elements. This kind of catalyst is widely used in the catalytic reaction of ionic mechanism, and there are many kinds of them. In addition, there is also an impregnated Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst, which is formed by attaching liquid acid to a solid carrier, such as Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst.

Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst

The properties that are important to the catalytic behavior of Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst are acid center, acid strength and acidity.
① The acid centers on the surface can be divided into B-acid and L-acid (see acid-base catalyst), and sometimes there are alkali centers at the same time. The following formula can be used to schematically represent the formation of acid centers on the surface of alumina:
Infrared spectroscopy studies have shown that γ-Al2O3 calcined at 800°C can have five types of hydroxyl groups on the surface, corresponding to five acid centers with varying acid strength. Acid centers appear on the surface of mixed oxides, mostly because the metal ions of the component oxides have different valences or different coordination numbers.

②Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst acid strength, Hammet's acid strength function H0 can be used to express the acid strength of solid acid. The smaller the value, the higher the acid strength.
③Solid Phosphate Acid Catalyst acidity, expressed by the number of acid centers or millimoles per unit weight or unit surface area, is called acidity.