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What is a Protective environmental protection catalyzer?

Protective environmental protection catalyzer
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2021/04/07 10:13
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Protective environmental protection catalyzer is a type of product in the catalyst industry, used in the process of eliminating environmental pollution by means of catalysis. Since the commercialization of automobile exhaust catalytic purification technology in the 1970s, Protective environmental protection catalyzer, along with petroleum refining catalysts, and chemical catalysts (including petrochemical catalysts and inorganic chemical catalysts) have been listed as the three major products in the catalyst industry.

Protective environmental protection catalyzer Manufacturers china

Protective environmental protection catalyzer usually has high catalytic activity, can convert the originally low concentration of pollutants into non-toxic substances through catalysis; can withstand high working load, in order to save the amount of catalyst and the equipment investment for pollution treatment; can be at room temperature Or work at a temperature that is not too high to reduce the energy consumption required for pollution control.

The gas to be treated usually contains dust, heavy metals, sulfur-containing compounds, chlorine-containing compounds, acid mist, etc. Therefore, the Protective environmental protection catalyst is required to have strong anti-toxicity, good chemical stability, and sufficient catalyst life. Sometimes, a good catalyst selectivity is required to prevent secondary pollution from the products produced by side reactions. In environmental treatment projects, due to the frequent changes in the composition, concentration, and temperature of the pollutants, it is required that the Protective environmental protection catalyzer can maintain its efficiency under a wide range of reaction conditions, which is the same as the typical chemical catalysts used in chemical production. Is different.

Protective environmental protection catalyzer is divided into combustion catalyst, nitrogen oxide purification catalyst, automobile exhaust catalyst, desulfurization catalyst and so on.