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Products Detail

DP-2012 FCC Sulfur Removal Additive (MgO 60%)


DP-2012 FCC sulfur Removal additive is produced by the proprietary technology of modified Mg-Al hydrotalcite technology from Dew-Point Catalyst. The additive has advantages of high MgO content, good attrition, perfect particle size distribution, proper bulk density and etc. It can be blended with FCC catalyst properly and minimize the SOx concentration in the flue gas of FCCU.

Benefits of the sulfur removal additive includes:

Meet local environmental regulations of flue gas SOx discharge

Lower solid waste (or waste salt water) discharge and minimize operation cost of WGS system

Solve the problem of “blue gas” and “tail gas” of FCCU stack discharge due to SO3

Keep smooth operation of FCCU during the maintenance/overhaul of WGS system and/or FCC pretreat (hydrotreating) unit

Solve the problem of “salt crystal” and “corrosion of dew point” in FCC main column and other key equipment

Commercial references showed that, SOx in FCCU flue gas can drop from 400-1,000 ppm to 20-50 ppm when DP-2012 additive are blended in a ratio of 3-5% with FCC catalyst. In full burn mode of regeneration, over 94% of SO2 and 96% of SO3 can be removed by 3% of additive injection. More than 60% of SO2 and 80% of SO3 can be removed by 4% of additive injection in partial burn mode of regeneration.


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