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Products Detail

DP-2021 FCC Metal Trap Additive


DP-2021 FCC metal trap additive is produced by the proprietary technology of modified Mg-Al hydrotalcite technology from Dew-Point Catalyst. MgO content near 70%, the attrition, particle size distribution and bulk density of additive are closely match with those of FCC catalyst. The injection of this additive will maximize the heavy metals (Vanadium, Nickel, Iron, Calcium) resistance of catalyst and minimize the influence of basic nitrogen in feedstock. At the same time, the SO3 discharge from FCC flue gas is minimized. This additive can bring you significant benefit in heavy resid catalytic cracking especially when feedstock API is lower than 22.3,CCR is over 5%, Ni+V on e-cat is higher than 7,000 ppm.

Benefits of metal trap additives includes:

Feeding more heavy residue in your RFCCU

Minimize the addition rate of fresh catalyst and keeping constant conversion

Trapping heavy metals (Vanadium, Nickel, Iron, Calcium) effectively and naturalize the effect of basic nitrogen and sodium

Minimize the delta coke and decrease the regeneration temperature

Remove SOx in FCC flue gas

Commercial references showed that, after 2 weeks of 4% to 5% injection of metal trap additive in RFCCU, the feed rate of residue can increase about 15% to 20%, or feeding heaver feed to the unit ( CCR increase 15% to 20%, total of nickel, vanadium, iron and calcium tolerance increase 10% to 15%). The conversion rate increase 1.5% to 2%, target yield of liquid product increase 0.8% to 1.5%, the SOx in flue gas decrease 40% to 50%, fresh catalyst addition rate dropped around 20%, regeneration temperature decreased by 4 ℃ to 8 ℃, saving 50% caustic or decrease 50% waste salt generated of WGS system at the same time.

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