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Products Detail

DP-3091& DP-3092 middle temperature shift catalysts


In ammonia and hydrogen plants, middle temperature shift (MTS) process can operate at lower steamto carbon ratio compared with the standard high temperature shift process for carbon monoxideconversion. 

DP-3091& DP-3092 middle temperature shift catalysts are suitable for the CO shift conversionof for middle temperature shift process unit design. DP-3091 catalyst has higher activity than DP-3092 catalyst in low temperature, and is recommended to be load on the top or of the converter. DP-3091 catalyst also has a higher sulfur resistance and may protect DP-3092 catalyst in case sulfur breakthrough in theconverter. DP-3092 catalyst has higher thermal stability than DP-3091 catalyst and is recommended tobe load in the bottom part of the CO converter with higher temperature. 

In case of severed operationconditions, a specially designed bed guard catalystis recommended to be load on the verytop of reactor to protect the whole catalysts bed from poisoning caused by chlorine andwater droplets.

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