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Products Detail

DP-3111/3112 Methanation Catalysts


DP-3111/3112 methanation catalysts are alumina based nickel catalysts in sphere or tablet form and designed for the reaction of carbon mono oxide with hydrogen in syngas and converted to methane and water.  
In ammonia industry, the oxygen compounds (CO2, CO and O2) are poisons for iron based ammonia synthesis catalyst and need to be removed to a very low level.
In petrochemical industry, hydrogen produced as a by-product of ethylene production contains 500 to 5,000 ppm carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide must be reduced to less than 10 ppm prior to use in reactors containing palladium or platinum based hydrogenation catalysts.
In substitute natural gas (SNG) industry, carbon oxides and need to be converted into methane in order to maximize the heat value of the SNG. 
DP-3111/3112 methanation catalysts are available in both oxidized or reduced version, the nickel oxide level can be customized from 16% to 25%.  DP-3111/3112 methanation catalysts also provide good thermal stability and poisonous resistance and long service life while providing the flexibility to operate over a wide temperature range.

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