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Application technology of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

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2021/09/24 10:17
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Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst is a boiler flue gas purification catalyst used in the chemical industry to generate multiple nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. Nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides are one of the main sources of air pollution. Therefore, the application of this technology has many benefits for environmental air purification. Currently known flue gas desulfurization and denitrification technologies include PAFP, ACFP, pyrolusite method, electron beam ammonia method, pulse corona method, gypsum wet method, catalytic oxidation method, microbial degradation method and other technologies.

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst is currently mostly in the research and industrial demonstration stage, but because it can achieve both desulfurization and denitrification in a set of systems, especially with the continuous tightening of NOX control standards, at the same time Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst It is receiving increasing attention from various countries.

In recent years, countries in the world, especially industrially developed countries, have successively carried out simultaneous research and development of Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst, and carried out certain industrial applications. According to statistics from the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute, there are currently more than 60 new technologies for simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification. Among the Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalysts, some use a combination of flue gas desulfurization and flue gas denitrification, and some use Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal. Catalyst simultaneously removes SOX and NOX technology, both of which can achieve high removal efficiency.

Flue Gas Sulfur Dioxide Removal Catalyst adopts a new low-concentration catalyst. Through catalytic oxidation, SO2 is converted into sulfuric acid in the desulfurization process. Its desulfurization efficiency is higher than 90%. The product has a market. Based on relevant domestic research, through The technology of foreign cooperative research and domestic study fund is gradually maturing, and it is expected to become a competitive new flue gas desulfurization technology.