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Panjin Dew-point Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Catalyst substitution

Panjin DEW-POINT Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd. has rich knowledge in the preparation and application of catalysts. Our experts are familiar with the application of a wide range of catalyst and are able to meet the many challenges our customers may present us with. Custom catalysts can be used in refining and petrochemicals, synthesis gas, chemical synthesis and other applications.

Panjin Dew-point Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd. has decades of experience in catalyst research and development, scale-up, production and manufacturing, and is a very ideal partner in the field of customized development of catalysts. It has a full set of facilities for catalyst projects from laboratory scale development to full commercialization.

Our catalyst processing service provides reliable product amplification business from gram to kilogram and from kilogram to ton for customers all over the world. This makes us an ideal catalyst partner in today's chemical industry.

High quality manufacturing technology is the core of our customer service. Panjin Dibao Catalyst Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building good manufacturing conditions, practice team, core manufacturing science and robust quality system to ensure that products can meet the needs of customers. Our production capacity includes:

Preparation process:
• coprecipitation method
• impregnation method (various carriers, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, silver, gold and other precious metals)
• spraying method
• tablet / ring pressing
• strip extrusion
• granulation
• spray drying
Post treatment:
• drying
• calcination
• pre reduction or passivation
• pre vulcanization treatment

In order to cooperate with the development of customized catalysts, Panjin Dibao Catalyst Technology Co., Ltd. uses its rich resources, experienced experts and advanced analytical instruments to not only develop customized catalyst solutions, but also provide customers with opportunities to improve catalysts. We study the potential operation problems through the analysis of catalyst samples, and continuously improve the life, activity, selectivity and efficiency of catalysts.

The pilot plant of Panjin Dew-point Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd.  can prepare catalyst samples according to your idea, and then directly scale them up to industrial scale equipment.

Typical unit operations include:
• raw material refinement
• raw material kneading
• catalyst particle shaping
• drying
• roasting
• impregnation
Customized catalyst is a catalyst developed by customers or both parties, and the development process needs to be fully confidential. The intellectual property belongs to the inventor who owns the technology.

We recognize the importance of protecting customers' intellectual property rights. Therefore, an effective solution has been formulated, including:
• sign intellectual property protection agreement
• internal communication is protected by a "firewall"
• Limited dissemination of information only to key technical personnel
• preferred project team members

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