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Panjin Dew-point Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd.

Add: Chemical Industry Park, Panjin high tech Industrial Park, Liaoning Province

Tel: +86-427-6594508

Fax: +86-427-6594500

Website: www.dpcatalyst.com

Email: service@dpcatalyst.com

Technical service

Panjin DEW-POINT Catalyst Technologies Co., Ltd. can provide you with a full range of technical solutions according to our catalyst production and industrial application technology. We hope that our catalyst products will improve the production efficiency and reduce consumption and emissions of our customers in the refining and petrochemical industries.

● catalyst screening                              ● Device starting and stopping advice

● Catalyst loading instruction                ● Catalyst driving instruction

● Routine performance evaluation        ● Operational training

● Troubleshooting                                 ● Catalyst life prediction

● Catalyst shutdown instruction            ● Analysis (waste) catalyst


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